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Argentina is the preferred Latin American country for business tourism

Business tourism has become an important piece for those looking to sell their countries as more than beaches, mountains, fun or good prices. The countries of Ibero – America begin to push hard to attract a market that benefits their economy and forces them to improve the infrastructure of hotels, airports and attention to an increasingly demanding clientele.

One of the countries that have worked hard and much to captivate companies from all over the world to do Business Conventions and Exhibitions in their territory has been Argentina and has achieved it: last year it rose from 23rd to 19th place in the international ranking of meetings tourism or MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) for its acronym in English.

Paraguay has begun to understand the economic importance of business tourism and has initiated an intense campaign

The annual income for this item was about 1,230 million dollars because Argentina attracted two out of ten foreign travelers. “Meeting tourism is a key segment. And it was the first tourist product that began to work with professionalism and framed in a state policy, ”said Tourism Minister Gustavo Santos , who said that in the first quarter of this year 100,000 tourists arrived to make business, “a figure that is 21% higher than that registered in the same period of the previous year.”

Argentina has 439 hotels, 44 exhibition centers and 351 halls and complexes throughout the country, but Buenos Aires is the big winner because in that ranking it surpassed big cities like New York, Mexico, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Rome and Tokyo .

According to another organization dedicated to the matter, the International Association of Congresses and Conventions ( ICCA ), every year more than 40 million events are held worldwide, with 2,000 million attendees.

Last year’s ICCA ranking was dominated by the United States, while Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Spain occupied the following five positions. Peru maintained the 39 with 98 events to its credit. The volume of the world market in these events is estimated at 1,154 billion dollars.More than one hundred exhibitors may exchange interests in one place.

The great absent

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So important is the business tourism movement, that the countries of the Latin American region have their own meeting where they meet to compete for the attention of companies: the 10th International Trade Fair for Incentive Meetings and Travel in Latin America and the Caribbean (FIEXPO 2017).

In this event held in Santiago, Chile on June 6 and 7, hundreds of exhibitors – hotels, convention centers, official tourism agencies and airlines – are present. With the exception of Venezuela, the great absent.

In FIEXPO 2017, representatives of the main destinations of the so-called meeting tourism meet to conduct a minimum of six interviews with the most important international “buyers” with a view to establishing agreements that benefit both parties.

There are also presentations with special guests from all over the continent and the novelty that, according to the century, many proceedings are expedited online , such as contacting buyers and exhibitors, registering all members of the stands and even setting up interviews directly without Need for any procedure.

In fact, even Paraguay has begun to understand the economic importance of business tourism and has initiated an intense campaign to position itself in this market, so that this year it will go to Chile to promote a corporate image as a destination for meetings tourism in the market Latin American, participating with nine companies.

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