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Mexico is consolidated in meeting tourism in America

At the national level, 16 more events were held in 2017 than the previous year; the spill for congresses is 1.5% of GDP and 265 thousand meetings are registered per year

In the latest ranking of the International Association of Congresses and Conventions (ICCA), our country ranked fifth in the Americas and strengthens in third position in Latin America, with 198 events held in 2017, when in 2016 they were 182. Although worldwide it lost a position, from site 21 to 22, of 168 members.

Likewise, Mexico City was on site 35 of 95 cities, with 67 events in the same period, below Lima, which had 74 meetings, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, with 131. During 2016, the CDMX had three conventions less, to stay on site 64.

Meanwhile, the number of tourists who visited Mexico under the concept of meeting tourists were 93,298 in 2017, although in 2016 they were 97,559, while last year, the CDMX monopolized 36,582 visitors and in 2016, 37 thousand 186.

According to the Secretary of Tourism, Enrique de la Madrid, Mexico receives more than 265 thousand events of different sizes per year, which report up to 29 million attendees, which generate an economic spill that is equivalent to 1.5 percent of the Internal Product Gross national (GDP).

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Likewise, the association identified a trend of 50 years of exponential growth in the number of meetings of international associations, that is, this type of tourism has doubled every 10 years. In the last 5 to 10 years it had exponential growth, which seems to slowly transcend a more mature, but still solid, development pattern.

David Hidalgo, director of IBTM Americas, states that “to continue putting the name of Mexico and the whole of America high, we must unify efforts who dedicate ourselves to this industry, as it represents an advance for destinations, not only in tourism, but also in issues of security, technology, job creation, economic development, infrastructure improvement, among other things. ”

For the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), understanding the concept of “Meeting Tourism” must be based on what the term “congregate” means: it is a group of 10 or more participants for a minimum of four hours, in a contracted headquarters, with the common purpose of carrying out a specific activity, which may or may not be for economic purposes, according to the UNWTO.

Imminent, that the country rises two positions in the World Tourism Ranking . In the last Barometer of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), our country climbed a position, to move to eighth place, within the main tourist destinations in the world for the arrival of visitors, since in 2015 32.1 million million visited Mexico. people, and by 2016, the figure grew to 35 million tourists.

Although the latest figures have not yet been revealed, UNWTO numbers, corresponding to June 2017, specify that Mexico beat Thailand and Turkey in terms of arrivals of foreigners. As for foreign exchange, our country obtained an amount of 19 thousand 600 million dollars, to be placed in the 14th place worldwide.

Graphic: The Reason of Mexico

The ranking points out that the countries in the world that receive the most tourists are: France, with 86.2 million tourists; United States, with 77.5 million; Spain, 75.6 million; China, 59.3 million, Italy, with 52.5 million; United Kingdom, 35.8; Germany, 35.6; Mexico, 35.0 million international tourists and Thailand, 32.6.

UNWTO data to June 2018 indicates that international visitor arrivals in the world increased six percent in the first four months of 2018, while in America it corresponded to three percent, although in South America it was eight percent, while the Caribbean, 9 percent.

The President of Mexico, Enrique Peña, affirmed in 43 Tourist Tianguis, that our country received 39.3 million foreign tourists in 2017, which would soon place the country in sixth position.

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