CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship 2024: Unleashing Opportunities at the One Young World Summit in Montreal

The prestigious CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship 2024 is now open for applications, providing a remarkable chance for individuals worldwide to partake in the transformative One Young World Summit 2024 in Montreal, Canada. Launched by the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF) in collaboration with One Young World, this fully funded scholarship seeks exceptional young leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to addressing global challenges.

About the Scholarship

The CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship 2024 is a global initiative that aims to identify eight outstanding young leaders who have already made a positive impact in areas such as climate change, gender equality, poverty, and public health. This scholarship offers a life-changing opportunity for these selected individuals to attend the One Young World Summit in Canada, fully funded.

Why Apply?

The eight chosen scholars will not only benefit from attending the prestigious One Young World Summit but will also gain a lifetime membership to both the CUSEF and the One Young World community. This scholarship is more than just a journey to Canada; it’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, receive mentorship from renowned personalities, and become part of a global network of over 17,000 young leaders.

About One Young World:

One Young World is a global community dedicated to nurturing young leaders actively contributing to solving the world’s most pressing challenges. The annual One Young World Summit provides a platform for young leaders from diverse countries to connect, share thoughts, and receive mentorship from influential figures in politics, business, and humanitarian fields.


The China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF) is a non-profit foundation based in Hong Kong, focusing on building trust, enhancing understanding, and fostering exchange, particularly in the realms of youth and education. CUSEF has facilitated experiences for over 2,000 students, including 800 from Historically Black Colleges, institutes, and universities (HBCUs).

Eligibility Criteria:

Interested individuals seeking positive change in their communities should meet the following criteria:

  • Age between 18-30 at the time of the One Young World Summit 2024.
  • Global youth from diverse backgrounds are eligible.
  • Demonstrated interest in promoting East-West exchanges.
  • Proven leadership record.
  • Evidence of a commitment to creating positive change by addressing key local or global issues.

Benefits of the Scholarship:

The fully funded CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship for the One Young World Summit 2024 offers an array of benefits:

  • Full delegate access to the One Young World Summit 2024.
  • Lifetime membership to CUSEF and the One Young World community.
  • Access to development opportunities and monthly global calls.
  • Exclusive pre-summit calls with CUSEF Young Leaders.
  • Onstage panel participation and workshop hosting.
  • Private hotel accommodation in Montreal from September 18-21, 2024.
  • Return economy flights to Montreal.
  • Free transport to the airport if required.
  • Summit catering, impact monitoring, and project tracking.
  • Promotion and visibility on social media.
  • Opportunity to act as a peer mentor for future CUSEF Scholars.

Application Process:

  • Click on the “Apply Now” button to initiate your application.
  • Fill in the form meticulously with accurate information.
  • Provide all required details and documents.
  • Submit the application before the CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship deadline (January 31, 2024).

Seize this extraordinary opportunity to be part of the One Young World Summit and contribute to global change. Don’t miss the chance to apply for the CUSEF Young Leaders Scholarship and embark on a journey of leadership, connection, and impact. Apply now and mark your presence at the One Young World Summit 2024 in Montreal, Canada!


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