Situated in the heart of the Balkans, Croatia beckons travelers with its warm summer temperatures and the inviting turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea. While renowned for its beachfront allure, Croatia extends beyond the conventional beach holiday, revealing national parks, hidden caves, pebbled coves, and medieval hilltop architecture. The country unfolds a rich tapestry of attractions, and its beautiful islands stand out as distinct gems, each offering a unique blend of natural wonders and cultural treasures.

Embark on a leisurely exploration of ancient towns, dive into the depths to uncover thousand-year-old shipwrecks, traverse national parks, and savor the delights of the fertile islandsβ€”from locally-produced wine and cheese to homegrown olive oil, spicy gingerbread, and homemade honey.

  1. Lastovo

    • One of the most remote Adriatic islands, Lastovo captivates with its seclusion and pristine beauty.
    • Protected as a nature park, Lastovo boasts a lush, forested landscape, offering hiking and cycling trails.
    • Explore the island’s rich history through Roman Catholic churches and 15th-century Venetian architecture.
    • Join the August Poklade folk carnival, a tradition dating back to the 16th century.
  2. Solta

    • Just a short ferry ride from Split, Solta beckons with traditional fishing villages and agricultural delights.
    • Ideal for food enthusiasts, Solta is home to family-run farms producing olive oil, wine, honey, and gingerbread.
    • Delve into the island’s history, visit Nečujam’s longest beach, and explore hidden coves by boat.
    • Engage in activities like hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving, and medieval archery.
  3. Elaphite Islands

    • West of Dubrovnik, the Elaphite Islands form a picturesque archipelago with three main inhabited islands.
    • Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan showcase lush landscapes, sandy beaches, and historical landmarks.
    • Explore Kolocep’s pine forests, indulge in Lopud’s Mediterranean charm, and experience the tranquility of Sipan.
    • Discover churches, monasteries, and serene bays on a boat trip from Dubrovnik.
  4. Murter

    • Linked to the mainland by a bridge, Murter combines a charming old town with excellent beaches.
    • Close to the Kornati Islands National Park, Murter offers nature-based activities like seaside cycling and scuba diving.
    • Uncover historical gems like St. Rock’s Chapel and World War II bunkers while enjoying seaside adventures.
    • Immerse yourself in the island’s cultural events, including the Poklade folk carnival.
  5. Pag

    • In the northern Adriatic, Pag boasts Croatia’s longest coastline and a diverse landscape.
    • Known for sheep’s cheese, Pag lamb, lace-making, and salt production, the island offers unique culinary experiences.
    • Explore contrasting terrains, from steep and rocky northwest to picturesque lakes in the southeast.
    • Visit Novalja with its Roman aqueduct, and delve into Pag’s cultural events, including the summer carnival.
  6. Losinj

    • Known for turquoise waters frequented by turtles and dolphins, Losinj is a haven for wellness seekers.
    • Abundant in medicinal plants, Losinj was declared a climatic health resort in the 19th century.
    • Explore Venetian fishing villages, historic churches, and dive into the Historical Underwater Park.
    • Experience the island’s health-focused hotels, spas, and cultural richness.
  7. Rab
    • Nicknamed the ‘Happy Island,’ Rab boasts sandy beaches, picturesque coves, and a rich cultural heritage.
    • Explore the old town’s stone streets, ancient churches, and iconic red roofs.
    • Visit attractions like the Issa necropolis, Perast tower, and the Rab Medieval Festival.
    • Enjoy beach bliss on renowned spots like Rajska PlaΕΎa and Pudarica.
  8. Kornati
    • Comprising 140 uninhabited islands, the Kornati archipelago is a dramatic and unforgettable natural spectacle.
    • Explore secluded coves, olive groves, ancient rock formations, and the 6th-century Byzantine Tureta Fortress.
    • Engage in activities like swimming, snorkeling, diving, and hiking amidst breathtaking scenery.
    • Experience the tranquility of Kornati, with only seasonal houses for local farmers.
  9. Krk
    • As the largest Adriatic island and accessible by a bridge, Krk is a vibrant destination with diverse attractions.
    • Discover thousand-year-old towns, historical buildings, and scenic coastal bays.
    • Visit Krk Town’s ancient walls, the Frankopan Castle, and the Kosljun Monastery Museum.
    • Explore Voz for a view of Krk Bridge and indulge in outdoor adventures like quad biking.
  10. Mljet
    • A national park since 1960, Mljet boasts Mediterranean forests, salt lakes, and enchanting marine life.
    • Unspoiled and green, the island offers pristine landscapes and excellent wines.
    • Dive into the clear waters to explore shipwrecks, visit salt lakes Veliko and Malo Jezero, and discover ancient Benedictine monasteries.
    • Immerse yourself in Mljet’s tranquility, ideal for water lovers and nature enthusiasts.
  11. Cres
    • Cres, the second-largest Adriatic island, holds a wealth of medieval hilltop towns, forests, and hidden coves.
    • Explore Cres Town’s Venetian-style buildings, the Valun Tablet, and Lubenice’s stone houses.
    • Engage in outdoor activities like hiking, and delve into the island’s rich history.
    • Visit attractions like the 15th-century Venetian Tower and the Church of St Mary.
  12. Brac
    • Celebrated for its quiet fishing villages and the iconic Zlatni Rat beach, Brac is the third-largest Adriatic island.
    • Experience adventure with quad biking, explore historical sites, and savor fresh seafood.
    • Visit the Stonemasonry School in Pucisca, the Dragon’s Cave reliefs, and the colorful village of Sumartin.
    • Discover the historical village of Skrip, home to the Brac Museum and the Olive Oil Museum.
  13. Vis

    • Featured in Mamma Mia II, Vis offers a glimpse of traditional Croatian life and a rich military history.
    • Explore landmarks like Tito’s Cave, Stupisce Point rocket base, and ancient towns within Vis Town.
    • Enjoy the crystal clear waters, visit the Levaman Fortress, and discover the island’s poets’ former homes.
    • Venture outside the capital for biking, scooter rides, and boat trips to remote coves like Morda Spilja.
  14. Korcula

    • Known for its walled old town resembling ‘Little Dubrovnik,’ Korcula boasts dense forests and traditional charm.
    • Explore Korcula Town’s historical landmarks, including St. Mark’s Abbey Treasury and Marco Polo’s alleged house.
    • Engage in a cycling wine tour, visit Vela Luka and Lumbarda, and relax on the beautiful Pupnatska Luka beach.
    • Discover the island’s contrasting coastlines and cultural richness.
  15. Hvar

    • Hvar, with its lavender fields and luxurious appeal, stands out as Croatia’s most glamorous beach destination.
    • Explore Hvar Town’s lively atmosphere, historic sites, and iconic landmarks like the Spanjola Fortress.
    • Visit Starigrad, Jelsa, and small villages, each offering a unique experience of the island.
    • Enjoy beach parties, water taxis to the Pakleni archipelago, and spectacular views from the island’s highest point.

Croatia’s islands beckon with a captivating blend of natural wonders, cultural treasures, and a diverse tapestry of experiences, making each island a destination worth exploring.


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