Think Big International Scholarships at the University of Bristol

Embarking on a UK study journey at the University of Bristol has never been more accessible, thanks to our commitment to international education. We are proud to allocate up to Β£3 million in Think Big scholarships, tailored to assist international students in making their way to Bristol in 2024.

Think Big Development Programme:

Beyond financial support, successful scholarship recipients gain access to the Think Big Development Programme. This initiative provides valuable guidance, support, inspiration, and a robust framework to help students unlock their full potential beyond the realms of academic studies.

Seize the opportunity to not only pursue your educational aspirations at the University of Bristol but also to thrive with the support of the Think Big International Scholarships and the transformative Think Big Development Programme.

Eligibility Criteria:

These scholarships cater to applicants with overseas fee status who have applied for eligible undergraduate or master’s courses. The aim is to provide financial support to deserving candidates pursuing their academic endeavors at the University of Bristol.

Application Process:

Our Think Big scheme collaborates with faculties, alumni, and external partners to offer a diverse array of scholarships. Simplifying the application process, you only need to submit one scholarship application. By doing so, you automatically become a candidate for all relevant scholarships, provided you meet the essential entry requirements.

Below are some of the scholarships and bursaries currently included in the Think Big application form, with more expected to be added:


  • Think Big Undergraduate Awards
  • Think Big About Business Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Think Big About Economics Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Think Big About Childhood Studies Scholarship


  • Think Big Postgraduate Awards
  • Think Big About Business Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Think Big About Economics Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Think Big About Education Postgraduate Scholarships
  • Think Big About Innovation Scholarships
  • Think Big About Law and Justice
  • Think Big About Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health
  • Think Big About Policy Research
  • Think Big About Social Work
  • Michael Wong Pakshong Bursary
  • Phyllis Mary Morris Bursaries

Partner Scholarships:

In collaboration with prestigious external partners, the University of Bristol offers region-specific scholarships for postgraduate students, including but not limited to:

  • GREAT Nigeria
  • GREAT Pakistan
  • GREAT Scholarships for Justice and Law
  • British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM

Think Big International Scholarships at the University of Bristol stand as a beacon of opportunity, offering a gateway to academic excellence and personal growth for international students. With a dedicated commitment of up to Β£3 million, these scholarships open doors for deserving candidates pursuing undergraduate or master’s courses in 2024. The streamlined application process, encompassing multiple scholarships with a single application, exemplifies our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

The diverse array of scholarships, ranging from undergraduate awards to postgraduate opportunities and partner-specific programs, reflects our holistic approach to supporting students across various academic disciplines and regions. Beyond the financial assistance provided, the Think Big Development Programme serves as a testament to our dedication to nurturing the holistic development of scholarship recipients. This program offers invaluable guidance, support, and a solid framework for personal and professional growth.


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