The annual QUEST Scholarships aim to support students who are passionate about pursuing studies in Civil Engineering in the United Kingdom. These scholarships, totaling six per year, cater to various purposes and have specific entry requirements for applicants. As of now, several award categories are open and actively accepting applications.

The overarching goal of QUEST Scholarships is to provide financial assistance to individuals pursuing civil engineering education at different levels. Beyond financial support, these scholarships play a crucial role in fostering new talent within the profession. By incentivizing and supporting aspiring civil engineers, QUEST aims to contribute to the growth of skilled professionals who, in turn, can make meaningful contributions to improving the world around us. These scholarships not only alleviate the financial burden on students but also serve as a catalyst for encouraging and nurturing talent in the field of civil engineering.

Apply Scholarships for International Students at the University of Glasgow in 2024: Pursuing Excellence.


  1. UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPThis category is designed for students embarking on the first year of a JBM accredited full-time civil engineering degree course in the UK. The scholarship, valued at up to Β£8,000, not only provides financial support but also establishes early connections with potential employers. It serves as a stepping stone for individuals entering the dynamic field of civil engineering.
  2. TECHNICIAN SCHOLARSHIPGeared towards students currently enrolled or about to commence further or higher education courses that could lead to professional qualification as an ICE technician (EngTech). This scholarship, with a value of up to Β£1,000, offers crucial financial assistance and facilitates early networking opportunities with potential employers.
  3. ELOISE PLUNKETT AWARDThe Eloise Plunkett Award targets newly professionally qualified female members (CEng, IEng, or EngTech) based in the UK who are undertaking a project abroad with a civil engineering focus. With a monetary value of up to Β£2,500, this award acknowledges and supports the endeavors of female professionals in the field, fostering international projects.
  4. TRAVEL AWARDOpen to both graduate and professionally qualified members (CEng, IEng, or EngTech), individually or in groups, with a minimum of two years of membership. This award, valued at up to Β£1,500 for individuals and Β£6,000 for groups, supports travel abroad for civil engineering-related projects or activities, encouraging members to gain valuable international experience.
  5. KENNETH WATSON TRAVEL AWARDSpecifically tailored for student members, either individually or in groups, in their first year of studying in the UK but undertaking travel abroad for civil engineering-related projects or activities. This award, with a potential value of up to Β£1,500 for individuals and Β£4,500 for groups, encourages early engagement in international projects, enhancing the educational experience.
  6. CONTINUING EDUCATION AWARDTargeting graduates and professionally qualified members (CEng, IEng, or EngTech) with over two years of work experience, this award provides support for individuals looking to start a course that aids in their professional qualification and career progression. Valued at up to Β£1,000, this award facilitates ongoing education and development within the field of civil engineering.


To apply for any of the QUEST awards for Civil Engineering studies in the UK, prospective candidates are encouraged to visit the official funding page. There, they can choose the award category that aligns with their study level and find detailed information on the application process. This user-friendly approach ensures that applicants can easily access the necessary guidelines and submit their applications effectively.

Application Deadline:

The deadline for submitting applications varies depending on the specific QUEST scholarship category you are interested in. It is crucial to carefully review the individual award details and visit the official funding page for accurate and up-to-date information on application deadlines. By doing so, you ensure that you are well-informed about the timeline for each category, allowing you to plan and submit your application within the specified timeframe.

It is recommended that prospective applicants check the official website regularly for any updates or changes to the application deadlines. Being mindful of these timelines is essential for a successful application process, as missing the deadline for a specific category may result in the application not being considered. Take note of the variations in deadlines for each award to optimize your chances of securing a QUEST scholarship for your civil engineering studies in the United Kingdom.


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