Embarking on solo travel is a truly enriching experienceβ€”not only does it allow you to explore the world at your own pace, but it also provides an opportunity to relish your own company.

However, when it comes to overnight train journeys, ensuring privacy can be a challenge, given the typical setup of multi-bed cabins. But, enter NightJet, the sleeper branch of Austria’s national rail operator Γ–BB, which has unveiled a game-changing line of 33 sleeper trains featuring private sleeping cabins, garnering enthusiastic reviews.

Already receiving praise, Youtuber Nonstop Eurotrip documented a journey from Vienna to Hamburg and expressed his delight with the innovation. “I’m a huge fan of this new innovation. I was more than happy to spend the night in one of these pods with their excellent comfort and privacy,” he shared, as reported by the Express. “It feels really spacious, as long as you’re not too tall.”

The innovative pods boast a range of amenities, including a movable folding table, integrated mirror, coat hooks, a reading lamp, and adjacent lockers for hand luggage. Yet, the excitement doesn’t end with the pods; the new generation of carriages introduces redesigned sleeping cars for one or two people, couchettes accommodating up to four people, and even extra luxurious sleeper cars equipped with private bathrooms, showers, and seating areas featuring workspaces. NightJet’s commitment to enhancing the solo travel experience is evident in these thoughtfully designed and comfortable additions to their sleeper trains.


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