The Liyuan International Scholarships, offered by Shenzhen University in China, provide a unique opportunity for global students to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies. These scholarships encompass full tuition coverage and monthly stipends, catering to exceptionally talented individuals worldwide who aspire to attain a high-quality education in one of China’s most dynamic and forward-thinking cities.

Situated at the heart of China’s innovation landscape, Shenzhen University stands as a symbol of academic excellence and cultural diversity. Recognizing the pivotal role of international talent in fostering global understanding and scientific advancements, the university proudly introduces the Liyuan International Scholarships for the 2024 academic year. This prestigious scholarship program aims to attract and support exceptional international students as they embark on their academic journeys, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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Introduction to the Liyuan International Scholarships Program

The Liyuan International Scholarship program is meticulously crafted to prioritize inclusivity and academic excellence. Tailored to accommodate a diverse range of academic pursuits, the program introduces three distinctive tiers of scholarships:

  1. First Class Honor: This premier tier not only encompasses a full tuition waiver but also extends a generous living allowance of 6,000 CNY per month. It sets a benchmark for comprehensive financial support, ensuring recipients can fully immerse themselves in their educational journey.
  2. Second Class Honor: Acknowledging outstanding academic achievements, this tier grants recipients a complete tuition waiver along with a monthly living allowance of 5,000 CNY. This tier is designed to recognize and support high-achieving students in their pursuit of academic excellence.
  3. Third Class Honor: Catering to the financial needs of students, this category provides a tuition waiver coupled with a monthly living allowance of 4,000 CNY. The aim is to alleviate financial burdens and empower students to concentrate on their academic endeavors.

In addition, doctoral candidates have the unique opportunity to receive an annual allowance of no less than 12,000 CNY from their academic supervisors. This dedicated fund serves as a valuable resource for research subsidies or academic exchanges, further enhancing the doctoral experience at Shenzhen University.

Eligibility Criteria: Facilitating Access for Global Talent

The Liyuan International Scholarships strive to create opportunities for international students who have not previously been enrolled at Shenzhen University. The key eligibility criteria encompass:

  1. Outstanding Academic Performance: Applicants must demonstrate exceptional academic achievements, substantiated by robust letters of recommendation.
  2. English Proficiency: Proficiency in English is a prerequisite, with IELTS or TOEFL scores meeting the university’s stipulated requirements (IELTS 6.0/6.5 and TOEFL iBT 80/90 for undergraduate and postgraduate programs, respectively).

The Application Process: Navigating Your Path to Excellence

Prospective candidates are encouraged to be vigilant as the application window typically opens around April-May each year. It is imperative to stay abreast of the exact dates by regularly monitoring updates on the Shenzhen University website.

Preparing Your Application

Aspiring scholars should compile a comprehensive set of documents, including:

  1. A duly completed application form.
  2. Academic transcripts providing an overview of the applicant’s scholarly journey.
  3. Standardized test scores, such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  4. Two impactful letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant’s potential.
  5. A compelling personal statement narrating the applicant’s unique story.
  6. Any additional supporting documents specified by the university.

Submitting Your Application

Applications can be conveniently submitted online through the Shenzhen University website or via mail. The application process involves:

  1. Selection of the desired subject for enrollment.
  2. Contacting a potential supervisor to secure an optional Letter of Acceptance.
  3. Submission of the application through the university’s admission portal.
  4. Patiently awaiting the final results.

By adhering to these steps, prospective scholars can embark on their journey towards academic excellence and global exposure.

Application Deadline:

To be eligible for consideration, it is imperative that applicants submit their completed applications by the deadline of May 15, 2024. Adhering to this deadline is crucial for prospective candidates aspiring to seize the opportunity presented by the Liyuan International Scholarships at Shenzhen University.

Meeting the specified deadline ensures that applicants are included in the evaluation process and enhances their chances of being awarded this prestigious scholarship. It is advised that candidates meticulously plan their application submission to avoid any last-minute complications and to present their candidature in the best possible light. Early submission not only showcases organizational skills but also reflects the candidate’s commitment to pursuing academic excellence at Shenzhen University.


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