Embark on a Seamless Academic Journey with the Daemen College Deans Scholarship for International Students in 2024:

Discover an exceptional opportunity to pursue your academic aspirations at Daemen College with the Deans Scholarship designed exclusively for international students in the year 2024. This scholarship not only supports your educational endeavors but also provides a pathway to a seamless and enriching academic experience. Don’t miss the chance to be part of a vibrant learning community and unlock your potential at Daemen College. Explore the unique advantages and possibilities that await you through this prestigious scholarship program.

Welcome aspiring scholars to a transformative opportunity at Daemen College! The Daemen College Deans Scholarship beckons international students yearning to embark on their academic journey unencumbered by financial constraints. This prestigious scholarship is tailored for those seeking enrollment in undergraduate degree programs at our esteemed institution.

The scholarship is more than just financial support; it is a golden opportunity. With a substantial award of up to $10,000, it provides crucial assistance to deserving individuals. What makes this scholarship stand out is its renewable nature, contingent upon the recipient maintaining a commendable 3.0 Quality Point Average (QPA) and sustaining full-time undergraduate status throughout their academic tenure.

By applying for the Daemen College Deans Scholarship, you not only open doors to educational excellence but also gain the means to navigate your academic path with financial ease. We encourage all eligible international students to seize this opportunity and become part of our vibrant academic community. Elevate your educational experience at Daemen College – where aspirations meet opportunities.

Qualification Requirements: This scholarship opportunity is open to undergraduates pursuing various programs offered by the University. To be eligible, students must enroll in a full-time program during the semester for which the scholarship is awarded. Additionally, applicants need to meet Daemen College’s specified English language proficiency standards and provide evidence of meeting these requirements.

Scholarship Benefits: The Daemen College Deans Scholarship for International Students offers the following financial support:

  • A substantial award of $10,000 for incoming/fresh students.
  • An award of $7,000 for transfer students.

Seize the opportunity to access these valuable scholarships and propel your academic journey forward at Daemen College.

Application Process: To apply for this scholarship opportunity, interested and eligible candidates must follow the outlined steps:

  1. Take admission for either an undergraduate or graduate degree program at Daemen College, USA.
  2. After securing admission, proceed to complete the application form for the educational award.

By adhering to these application procedures, candidates can ensure their eligibility for this valuable scholarship and take a significant step toward their academic pursuits at Daemen College, USA.


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