Breakfast buffet

Among the numerous comforts provided by hotels, few are as appreciated as the in-house breakfast. Whether you’re filled with energy or still battling morning fatigue, there’s no greater reward for overcoming the challenge of getting out of bed than the lavish spread that awaits. In this compilation, we bring together the most exquisite hotel breakfasts that our editors have savored throughout the year. The selection includes an array of delights, from national dishes to indulgent pastries, hearty snow-day bread baskets, and a myriad of other tempting offerings. Each breakfast experience captures the essence of culinary excellence, making it a memorable part of the overall hotel stay.

Upon my arrival in Paris on a wet gray Tuesday, exhausted and nursing an injury from a recent car accident, the HΓ΄tel Lutetia provided an unexpectedly touching gesture. As I entered my room, already prepared for my 8:30 a.m. check-in, I discovered a basket of fragrant, buttery croissants, a bottle of freshly-squeezed orange juice, and a warm jug of coffee awaiting me. This simple yet thoughtful breakfast, reminiscent of a typical New York morning, brought tears to my eyes. Throughout my stay, the hotel’s considerate touches, such as being escorted to the restaurant and receiving a personalized pillowcase with my initials at turndown service, left an indelible mark, making HΓ΄tel Lutetia a memorable and palatial experience.

Jua House β€” Lamu, Kenya Reflecting on my mornings at Jua House on Kenya’s Lamu Island fills me with dreams for the upcoming year.

Nestled in the beachside village of Shela, this bed-and-breakfast boasts a breezy terrace with ocean views and an in-house bakery. Each morning, a delightful breakfast feast awaited, featuring eggs, fruit, fresh juices, yogurt, and a choice of Swahili baked goods. The simplicity and decadence of this breakfast, enjoyed as the sun strengthened and the sounds of the street grew, created a luxurious experience that is hard to define.

Casa del Mundo β€” Lake Atitlan, Guatemala The desayuno chapΓ­n served at La Casa Del Mundo in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, could satisfy me every day.

Scrambled eggs with peppers and onions, a ramekin of black beans, fried plantains, and a cube of delicious queso fresco, accompanied by warm tortillas and a daily juice, made for a perfect start. Surrounded by views of the lake, mountains, and volcanoes, this breakfast became an unforgettable part of the experience.

Eastwind Oliverea Valley β€” Catskills, New York Snowed in at Eastwind Oliverea Valley in Central Catskills, I discovered the charm of a breakfast delivered in a cloth-lined wicker basket right to my doorstep. Inside, a camp flask with freshly brewed coffee, warm pastries, boiled eggs, granola, yogurt, and preserves awaited. The snowstorm became the perfect excuse to savor this hearty breakfast while nestled under Pendleton blankets, watching the snow through expansive cabin windows.

Villa Pescadores β€” Tulum, Mexico Villa Pescadores in Tulum, Mexico, delivered an eco-friendly breakfast to the front porch of our bungalow each morning. Amidst rustling palm leaves, the dining experience was as memorable as the food itself. Avocado toast and acai bowls with homemade granola, local honey, and seasonal fruit elevated the breakfast experience, leaving an imprint that lingers.

Round Hill Hotel and Villas β€” Montego Bay, Jamaica During my stay at Round Hill Hotel and Villas in Montego Bay, Jamaica, the luxury of villa living extended to personalized breakfasts served mere footsteps from my bedroom. Filling out a menu slip and leaving it in the kitchen were my only tasks. From perfect omelets and golden pancakes to Jamaica’s national dish, ackee and saltfish, the flavors and variety made mornings exceptional.

Le Meurice β€” Paris, France At Le Meurice in Paris, starting the day in a gold gilded dining salon felt indulgently Parisian. The scene, adorned with bow-tied waiters and petite trays of cafΓ© au lait and pastries, set the stage for an exquisite breakfast. A selection of divine pastries by CΓ©dric Grolet, toast with French butter, fluffy scrambled eggs with spinach, fresh berries, and green juice made for a morning of unmatched culinary delight.

Hotel Cellai β€” Florence, Italy Hotel Cellai in Florence, Italy, showcased the pinnacle of a hotel breakfast.

A meticulously prepared buffet-style feast featured freshly baked pastries, ripe Italian fruits, and savory cured meats. The warm and inviting dining room, coupled with made-to-order espresso and tea drinks, created a homely atmosphere fit for royalty. Sipping an Americano, savoring a pistachio-filled croissant, and anticipating a day of sightseeing made for a perfect start in Florence.


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