Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian artist and architect, dedicated his career to celebrating the organic, curvilinear beauty of nature in contrast to rigid straight lines. From the mid-70s onward, his remarkable buildings embraced ergonomic curves and ecological integration with the natural landscape. This list provides an insightful overview of some of the finest examples of typical Hundertwasser architecture, featuring uneven floors, unique windows, and spontaneous vegetation.

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  1. Hundertwasserhaus in Bad Soden
    • Located in Bad Soden, the Hundertwasserhaus is a condominium with 22 units, integrating a historic bath house into its design.
    • Deviating from traditional German architecture, it features glazed beaded columns reminiscent of Islamic mosques and roofs resembling ancient temples.
  2. Uelzen Station
    • Originally damaged in WWII, Uelzen railway station was renovated by Hundertwasser for Expo 2000, becoming a culturally oriented station and a popular tourist attraction.
  3. Ronald McDonald Haus
    • Personally designed by Hundertwasser, this house in Essen provides accommodation for families of seriously ill children, featuring meaningful design elements.
  4. KunstHausWien
    • Hosting the world’s only permanent exhibition of Hundertwasser’s work, KunstHausWien is a museum created through the renovation of a 1892 building that once housed the Thonet furniture factory.
  5. Hundertwasserhaus in Plochingen
    • An architectural and artistic highlight in Plochingen, this Hundertwasser House boasts cheerful colors, rounded shapes, and whimsical balconies.
  6. Quixote Winery
    • Located in Napa Valley, California, this sustainable winery is the only project by Hundertwasser in the U.S., featuring ceramic tiles, irregularly rounded columns, and a distinctive onion dome.
  7. Green Citadel
  8. Hundertwasserkirche
    • St. Barbara Parish Church in BΓ€rnbach, Austria, is a colorful and cheerful place of worship redesigned by Hundertwasser, featuring a variety of rich forms and surrounded by gates representing major religions and cultures.
  9. Rogner-Bad Blumau
    • A hot spa resort near Bad Blumau in Austria, Rogner-Bad Blumau features a fairytale exterior and twisting interior, showcasing a unique blend of architecture, nature, and sustainability.
  10. Waldspirale
    • Completed in 2000, the Waldspirale in Darmstadt, Germany, is a residential building complex with a green roof, 105 unique apartments, and a cafΓ© at the top of the spiral.
  11. Kuchlbauer Tower
    • A 35-meter high observation tower in Abensberg, Germany, on the grounds of Kuchlbauer Brewery, designed posthumously by Hundertwasser, showcases his influence on the g.
  12. Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna
    • Situated near Vienna’s center, this colorful Hundertwasserhaus is an apartment building with 52 differently colored units, trees covering roofs, and a unique, innovative design that contributes to Vienna’s cultural heritage.


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